Video 1: Baptism and the Sacramental Life

Video 1: Baptism and the Sacramental Life

Topic List:
The Meaning of Baptism
The Early Church’s Pattern of Baptism
The Baptism Rite
Why the Baptism and Confirmation Rites Needed to be Rewritten
The Days Set Aside For Baptism
The Relationship between Baptism and the Eucharist
The Open Table: Can Those Not Yet Baptized Receive Communion?
The Relationship between Word and Sacrament
The Relationship between Sacraments and Daily Life
The Prayers of the People
The Peace
Christ’s Presence in Our Worship
The Importance of Daily Prayer
Relating To Other Faith Traditions
How the 1979 Prayer Book Has Changed the Episcopal Church

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Video 2: The History and Theology of the Baptism Rite in the 1979 Prayer Book

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