Prospective Students Information

Classes at Bloy House are held on Friday nights and Saturdays, enabling the student employed during the week to engage in a full round of studies. The Master of Divinity curriculum consists of 51 units of coursework in the basic subject areas of theological education, designed to offer the student a broadly-based foundational program. Semester-long courses are 3 units each. Full-time study at most residential seminaries represent a load of 12 units (four courses) per semester, while Bloy House students can proceed with taking three courses (up to 9 units) per semester, generally completing more than the first two years of an M.Div. degree in Bloy House’s 3-4 year program. In addition, M.Div. students complete 24 units of coursework through the Claremont School of Theology, with whom we have a partnership. Master’s degrees are then awarded by the Claremont School of Theology.

Those students completing a certificate of diaconal studies complete a total of forty hours of course work and receive their certificates from Bloy House. In addition, some students come to us to receive Certificates of Anglican Studies. These students take a program of 12-15 hours of study in their specific field of study.

Lay persons enrolled in Fresh Start for Lay Leaders, Instituto de Liderazgo, and Education for Episcopal Leadership who are seeking certificates or simply studying for the further development of their ministries participate in programs specifically tailored to meet their educational needs.

Because Bloy House’s courses are graduate-level work, students enrolled in the M. Div. program are required to hold a bachelor’s degree to enroll as a student taking courses for credit. In some cases diaconal students and those in lay formation who do not hold a bachelor’s degree may take Bloy House courses with permission of the Dean.

Faculty members of Bloy House hold doctorates or are highly recognized for their professional expertise in their respective fields, and they represent several Christian denominations.

Student program choices

1) Education for Episcopal Leadership students and those not yet ready to enroll in a degree program may elect to take one or more courses per semester as their interests dictate and as the logical progression of courses allows. We welcome students who wish to join us for this limited study to “test the waters” of theological education as part of their discernment for ministry or to strengthen the ministries in which they are engaged.

2) Those seeking a Master’s of Divinity follow the progression of the Bloy House curriculum taking up to three Bloy House classes a semester. In addition to completing the required 51 units of study, they also take 24 units of low residency coursework at our sister school the Claremont School of Theology (Salem OR).   Claremont School of Theology schools offers a distance learning program that does not require students to relocate. Those classes may be taken either concurrently with Bloy Houses classes or after completion of the Bloy House curriculum. (See our Academic Catalog for details.)

3) Bloy House also offers Diaconal Certificates for those pursuing the diaconate and Anglican Studies Certificates for those who want to supplement their previous theological education with courses about Episcopal worship and Episcopal history.